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Professional Overview

For over 20 years, Tommie N. Carter, Jr., has a proven track record of successfully deleviring increased value to organizations in the legal and financial industries. Mr. Carter develops creative solutions to common information technology challenges. With a strong focus on aligning technology requirements with organizational business strategy, Mr. Carter aids technology management's efforts to plan and implement critical workflows, disaster planning, and intfrastructure management.

Mr. Carter has a broad range of experience spanning job descriptions from Support Engineer to Director of Management Information Systems. As a senior technology management consultant, Tom has partnered with CIOs, CEOs and other senior level staff to analyze requirements and produce effective strategies for meeting business goals. Coupling technical and people "soft" skills, has been useful for Tom when communicating between team members to generate optimum team performance.

Mr. Carter has most recently helped add value as an employee-owner of the technology consulting firm, Premier Technology Solutions, Inc (Premier). As a leading presence at Premier, Mr. Carter provides advice and assistance to organizations (legal, financial, educational, government, and corporate) seeking to manage secure information systems. Tom is enthusiastic about opportunities to help organizations plan, design, and implement integrated, secure, and efficent processes that meet the challenges of evolving technological requirements.

Formative Years

Beginning in the early 1980's Mr. Carter was part of the original whizkid's who left school early to work with the evolving Internet. "Back then we used Unix Systems and the Lynx text browser," Mr. Carter notes. Text was the only thing on the web at the dawn of the Internet and Netscape was a new upstart browser.

Following tutelage with a wealthy benefactor dedicated to knowing everything about the burgeoning industry of computer science; Mr. Carter decided to adopt a directed career path orchestrated to culminate in a consulting role. Mr. Carter has worked in technical roles including; Unix Administrator, Project Manager, Lead Engineer, Systems Analyst, Exchange Administrator, User Support Engineer, Manager, Director of Management Information Systems, Consultant, Senior Systems Engineer, Programmer, Sr. Programmer, Network Engineer, and Senior Solutions Architect. Mr. Carter's experience has crossed platforms and includes, Microsoft Windows, HP-Unix, Sun OS, Solaris, MacOSX, iOS, Android OS, Palm OS, and several Linux versions. With an unusual affinity for understanding, mixing, and managing people, processes, and programming. Mr. Carter secured his foundation of technical expertise by consumating a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Masters of Business Adminstration (Global Management).

Buiness Roles

While learning technology has been a paramount experience for Mr. Carter throughout his career, it has not been the only objective. Much effort has been expended to understand and connect technology goals to the business. One part of the that effort has seen Mr. Carter perform the following roles; licensed insurance agent, business owner, manager, director, project manager, and salesman.

Global Citizen

As a world traveller, Mr. Carter has learned to appreciate cultures and people for the unique perspectives they embrace. Embracing adventures from the African Safari, Sky-Diving, Motorcycling, and exploring across Asia, have provided Mr. Carter with a sense of global citizenship. Mr. Carter believes that internalizing world experiences allows one to see untapped potential in many areas.


一个中国人问我:“为什么你要学会说普通话?” 我很难回答这个问题,但我会尽力而为。我之所以要学会讲普通话的原因是: 对于我妻子的父亲:梁先生给我的厚爱。虽然我是一个外国人,他接受了我作为他的家庭的一部分。他没有拒绝我还给了我他的女儿。他教我下棋,教我人生的智慧。我欠他的债,我这一辈子都偿还不了。我想告诉他,我这辈子都感谢你。 对于我妻子的母亲:梁夫人坐在她身边却不能说话。我想说“谢谢你”。我想表达我的感受,并清楚表达我的感谢。 对于我的妻子:我觉得我以前认识她的时候我就觉得我好像已经认识她很久了。我内心有许多话,我想大声地对她说。 对于我的老师:我在北京,广州,新加坡,台湾都有中国语文教师。我有责任为他们成为一个更好的学生。 对于文老师:他教我说每节课后本章的小结。他让我放心地学,只是说话。他没有纠正我,而是帮助我了解,每天使用的语言的重要性。 对于林老师:他绝对是最好的老师。他是一个谦虚的人,但没有人能找到一个比他更有耐心、更勤奋的人。他帮我做了有意义的训练。他教我集中我的注意力在每一个字符。 对于郑老师:她是我此生见过的最勤奋的一个人。她的梦想是把文化融合在一起。我一定要报答她对我的信任。她经营着一所学校在纽约,以帮助人们学习语言,音乐,烹饪和文化。 ( 对于我的中国家庭:我想讲这样我就不会让他们丢脸(失去面子)。 对于我的梦想:我有成千上万的声音在我的梦中萦绕。他们催我起身,继续我的旅程,才能成功。 对于那些不认为我可以做到这一点的人:我想告诉大家,努力工作总会创造了良好的效果。 对于我的职业生涯:我已经工作了很长一段时间。现在我想帮助世界了解并使用我创建的软件工具进行沟通。我想建立更多的工具,让大家了解每一种语言。 对于自己:要在此生和下一生还清我的债务。 这些都是我必须学会说普通话的原因。对不起,语法错误,所有的错误都是我的错。


With an affinity for languages, Mr. Carter has studied Spanish, Russian, English, Swahili, Wolof, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Mr. Carter has developed a set of close relationships with the Asian community. Conversant in Cantonese and Mandarin, Mr. Carter fosters close relationships across Asia, America, and globally. Organizations seeking enhanced relationship building with Asian counterparts can leverage Mr. Carter's ability in this area.


Mr. Carter has more than 20 years of business experience assisting global clients with information technology projects in the financial, insurance, and legal industries. While producing creative solutions to deliver in response to diverse, high profile environments, Mr. Carter, has created a reputation founded on performance. Dedicated to living within the bounds of a harmonious work-life balance, Mr. Carter places great value on building intimate team relationships.

As an employee-owner with Premier Technology Solutions, Mr. Carter has worked with many middle to large corporations. Unlike typical consultants, Mr. Carter has been engaged in multi-year commitments per client. The embedding process has meant that Mr. Carter has developed extensive business know-how within companies such as TIAA-CREF, Daiwa Securities of America, Banker's Trust / Deutche Bank, and several world class lawfirms.

Mr. Carter's first venture as an entreprenuer provided valuable lessons in commitment to cause, management of resources, and developing trust between stakeholders. As a small business owner of a computer design company, Mr. Carter developed relationships with customers, created effective marketing campaigns, and developed a loyal following of customers. Mr. Carter created valuable business-to-business technology services during this period.

Mr. Carter began his business career as an apprentice of a wealthy benefactor. The experience called for Mr. Carter to learn each new computer application (for business practicality) at a time when the industry was just beginning. This experience with a local businessman interested in technology would later grow to become a profession.

Confluence Points

At a major law firm, Mr. Carter spent four and a half years working on various ground-breaking projects with the Marketing team. Projects ranged from various marketing campaigns, integrated customer relationship software, development of the enterprise-wide knowledgebase, to production of business intelligence reporting infrastructure integrated into team workflows.

Over a multi-year stint with an international law firm, Mr. Carter provided critical technical assistant with the global team during several international projects. Among the highlights were rolling over to a new messaging environment, implementing enterprise-wide Citrix solutions, and upgrades to the enterprise financial systems. Throughout his tenure with this firm, Mr. Carter has served in both a programmatical and business process analyst role.

Mr. Carter assisted a large law firm with the development of an Information Architecture infrastructure and interprocess data management system. Mr. Carter implemented a data modeling environment to integrate appropriate Master Data Management (MDM). Assisting technology management to deliver Enterprise Resource Planning initiatives has been a cornerstone of Mr. Carter's engagement.

Working with the product development team of an internationally recognized corporation, Mr. Carter, provided critical assistance in creating a business intelligence product. The focus of Mr. Carter's involvement was in the area of defining data analytical models to be used in refining raw data into useful information. The work required techical acuity, problem abstraction, and production of a generic solution with universal environmental applications.


"Technology expert, Tommie Carter, starts private enterprise for mobile technology development." Mobile Technology Management Co., press release - October 2010

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People, Processes, and Programs

Throughout his career, Mr. Carter has managed himself and others with the understanding that Maslow's hierarchy of human needs must include one's own needs as well. Mr. Carter developed many creative outlets including that of father, avid photographer, chess player, cook, investor, poet, blogger, guitarist, inventor, web designer, artist, music lover, linguist, motorcyclist, world traveller, and gardener. "To produce a well rounded team, one needs not only develop principles of integrity in oneself, but everyone needs to find the proper work-life balance to harness one's own creative potential" (Carter, 2011).

"Managing processes may be as simple as using a pencil and paper" (Carter, 2004). Building efficient processes such as solutions that leverage Six Sigma, TQM, and Lean Processing all depend on execution of people. Mr. Carter's focus on getting teams to lower barriers esconced by ego and politics allows teams to act collaboratively and recognize the inherent value of each contribution.

"Where necessary programs can play an exciting role in reducing redundant work effort" (Carter, 2005). Processes that elevate human performance by removing tedious, repetitive, and mundane tasks are useful. Humans can then concentrate of the creative tasks that lead to new developments, efficiencies, and a greener bottom line.

The Importance of Data

"Too often an underused and little understood resource goes wasted in the area of raw data" (Carter, 2010). "According to Edward Tufte, statistical information is often misrepresented," notes Mr. Carter, and similiarly predicts that most organizations are not leveraging such information to its fullest extent. Data is at the heart of most solutions to inefficient business problems.

Lateral Thinking

Mr. Carter is a proponent of lateral thinking. "The ability to organize both logically and creatively represent a competitive advantage" (Carter, 2004). Mr. Carter encourages his teams to leverage a number of tools that facilitate the merger of logic and creativity. Together with a healthy dose of introspection, managers have achieved success in strengthening interpersonal relationships, one conversation at a time.

Community, Dreams, and Culture

Mr. Carter manages several blogs that highlight personal interests. Tommie Carter Blogspot (link) showcases community interests. Zweble Blogspot (link) is a scientific experiment in dream causality. New Freedoms Journal Blogspot (link) renews a commitment to understanding cultural heritage and to draw strength from this knowledge while leaving behind a useful body of contemplative thoughts.

Language Resources

The following list of Chinese language resources will be updated frequently as a community service. Please enjoy.

  • Anki - A free and open source flashcard program that can be used on Windows, MacOSX, iPhone/Android, and Blackberry.
  • Anki Flashcards - Chinese Decks of Flashcards
  • MCLT - Free and open source MacOSX Language Tools (services, dictionaries, apps)
  • Zhongwen - Chinese Characters & Culture (dictionary, poems, classical texts)
  • Classical Chinese Poetry

Free Software

The following software packages may be freely downloaded under MIT licensing. The only restriction is that the software is presented as-is with no warranty or guarantee of usage. Additionally you agree to release me from any liability that such software may cause to your system or information. If you choose to download and install the software found on this site please see the system requirements before you download. For more information on the philosophy of free software please visit,

MacOSX Chinese English Language Tools (MCE)

A series of tools for MacOSX that include services to make your computer speak different languages (including Mandarin, Cantonese, and English). An instruction manual and setup guide. Other tools to assist users in writing Chinese characters (traditional and simplified)and converting from characters to pinyin. Also has a Cantonese input tool to allow users to enter jyutpin and get Chinese output. Also includes several Chinese English dictionaries.

Github Source

Get the updated toolset on Github (includes new tools developed) from the project or review the guide first.

Video Demo

See the free tools in action
Happy Learning Chinese 👍




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